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As direct bookings are becoming increasingly important for vacation rental property management companies, Hostaway and Booking Insights powered Direct Booking Tools are partnering to provide a proven solution and a sustainable model to increase direct bookings and brand recognition for fast-growing and established vacation rental companies.


Founded in 2015, Hostaway was born to address issues property managers confronted when using multiple sales channels to market their vacation rental properties, primarily double bookings. Since no solution was available, they created one themselves. Built for use by property management teams poised for growth, Hostaway’s robust platform enables all members to communicate and work in a highly efficient environment. Accessible from both a dashboard and mobile app, Hostaway offers an impressive list of perks. Designed to market, manage, and operate everything from small to large enterprises, Hostaway leans operations, empowering property managers to grow their businesses exponentially at their own pace.

Featuring a property management system, channel manager, and direct booking website, Hostaway also boasts automation tools that deliver long-term value to property managers, tenants, and guests. Streamlining repetitive and routine tasks with triggers and workflows, users can also simplify operations via automated messages, reviews, tasks, and payments. A unified inbox centralizes communications, drastically improving response times and productivity for increasingly understaffed and overextended property management teams.

Powerful analytics, customizable reporting, and expense tracking lend valuable insight into business operations and customer preferences, while payment processing and guest invoicing expedite procedures and simplify operations. Dynamic pricing adjusts rates based on supply and demand, enabling users to alter revenue strategies and garner as much business as possible. Whether property managers need marketing, sales, and communications guidance or accounting, reporting, and staff training support, Hostaway has a tool for that, and it’s robust, intuitive, and scalable. 

As a preferred partner with multiple OTAs, including Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and more, Hostaway offers transparency into all reservations, minimizing double bookings while maximizing revenue. A highly-rated mobile app provides convenience and flexibility, enabling property managers to coordinate operations remotely with complete visibility, whether in the office intermittently or operating remotely. Simplifying processes and improving guest experiences on every level, Hostaway continues to build trust with users and consumers alike.

Hostaway Capabilities

Hostaway Highlights

Scalable and customizable, Hostaway offers countless tools and resources to fast-growing vacation rental property managers. Featuring over 100 integrated software partners, the Hostaway Marketplace showcases an expanding number of software options, enabling users to pick and choose preferred elements and components to suit individual needs and personal preferences. Seamlessly connecting via API to Hostaway’s systems, users capitalize on a rich feature set to organize, schedule, delegate, and track every aspect of their business. 


Easy channel management, task automation, guest communication and reviews, and financial reporting aren’t the only benefits. Revenue management, guest screening, and payment processing add to the mix, and a central calendar enables viewing reservations from all channels. From accounting and automation to EV charging and guest services, Hostaway offers powerful enhancements designed to increase operational efficiency.


Hostaway's deep integration and premium partnership with OTA channels like Airbnb, VRBO,, Expedia and Marriott, offer vacation rental companies a seamless way to distribute their properties on these channels. With the converting power of our innovative Price Comparison Tool for vacation rentals, integrated into the Hostaway powered website's booking engine, the combination of these two technologies certainly creates a path to sustainable growth in direct bookings!

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Fast and Easy
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