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Price Comparison Tool

The first and only tool that shows potential guests your direct booking total vs the price quoted by OTAs, in real time, on every property page!


Generate OTA price vs. direct booking price in seconds.

Show guests exactly what they’ll spend, and how much they’ll save, by booking directly vs. booking through Airbnb or Vrbo. 

 Increase direct booking conversions by up to 150%.

Avoid off-site comparison shopping, reduce marketing costs, capture lucrative bookings faster, at a lower cost of acquisition.

Get a minimum 20:1 return on investment.

Watch your revenue, commissions and return on marketing spend soar, while you avoid OTA fees and hassles.

Offer your guests a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE and prove it to them in real time!


“A fantastic addition to our website!" 

- Zana Ireland, Emerald Beach Properties

Cart Saver Tool

Show guests exactly how much money they’re saving, at the checkout point, to reinforce your “best price guarantee” and prevent cart abandonment.

Graphic slider, customized with your brand colors and messaging, appears on the booking page, displaying the $$$ saved as the guest enters their booking info.

Slider remains in place as the guest navigates to payment information and checkout pages.

Reduces cart abandonment by 25% on average.


 Property Booking Demand Predictor

Get the data insights you need to optimize your marketing efforts and increase your booking conversions, all in one place!


Learn exactly how many price quotes are being generated on each property, to accurately predict future demand.

Slash your marketing costs by knowing which properties to market when and how for maximum results.

Get demand analytics report delivered straight to your inbox every week.


Receive alerts when an OTA price quote is lower than your direct booking price quote, so you can adjust rates for maximum direct booking conversions.


The first and only vacation-rental tool that tracks OTA pricing in real time, ensuring your direct booking Best Price Guarantee is just that…guaranteed!

Fast and Easy Integration

EASY AS 1 - 2 - 

Integration in your booking engine is easy & simple. The tool is compatible with most booking engines and all operating systems and browsers  devices.

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