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  • Why did you develop Direct Booking Tools’ Price Comparison Tool?
    As industry professionals we believe vacation rental managers should retain control of their business destiny and not be so heavily reliant on the large OTA’s. We believe everyone should use the OTA’s to create the billboard effect in marketing their properties but also capitalize on website visitors who may question whether you are offering the best price in the market. The public deserves to know that the best prices can be found on your website, and you deserve to retain those clients. We want you to keep the added income that comes with direct bookings, as well as have insight into the future booking demands of your company.
  • What kind of data are you collecting for analytical purposes?
    Absolutely no personal data is collected. We do not collect personal identifying data data about your website visitors. We do collect anonymous data in a comparable way Google Analytics is collecting data. We do collect data about actions taken on your property pages, e.g. property name, price quote values, arrival and departure dates... By having this information, you can make very solid business decisions. You can choose to market certain segments of time or certain segments of your inventory, giving you the ability to deliver the right message to your database and online marketing to further increase your direct bookings. Thus increasing the value of your marketing dollars which may ultimately result in less marketing dollars spent.
  • Which booking engine providers are you currently integrated with?
    Currently we integrate with the following booking engine providers: ICND, RealTech, BlueTent, Q4Launch, Streamline and Atlas. However, we can integrate with virtually any booking engine provider, even custom built booking engines, as long as there is an individual property page present on your website on which a price quote can be generated.
  • I am using a dynamic pricing tool, how will your solution affect this?
    Our tool operates in real-time. When a price quote is generated on your website, that website visitor will be shown the Book Direct Price on the tool vs the real-time pricing of the OTAs you use and elect to show on the tool.
  • Can I customize the Direct Booking Tools’ Price Comparison Tool so that it matches my website design and brand?
    Absolutely, you can change the color, the fonts and even the messaging on the Direct Booking Tools.
  • How does the Price Comparison Tool display on my site?
    It can be set to an in-page format or as a pop-up (modal) window each time there is a price quote generated on your site. This is easily chosen in your control panel.
  • How long does it take to implement the Price Comparison Tool?
    It takes less than 30 minutes of your time and we handle the rest! The whole process takes 24-72 business hours, from the moment your "Request Early Access" to the time the tool is "live" on your website.
  • Which OTAs does the Direct Booking Tools’ Price Comparison Tool currently compare pricing to?
    Currently price comparisons are enabled for VRBO and Airbnb, other OTAs are to be added in first half of 2023.
  • What if I only have VRBO listings and not Airbnb listings, will the Direct Booking Tools platform work?
    Yes, you can show one or the other or both. You do not have to be on both platforms for it to work. You can also easily manage this process in your control panel.
  • Will the Direct Booking Tools affect my website speed?
    Absolutely not, the tools script fires only after your whole page is loaded, thus it is not affecting in any way your page load speed or your SEO efforts.
  • I already have over 60% of my reservations coming from direct bookings, why would I need this service?
    You can further increase your direct bookings to 70%, 80% or even 90%. Increase your conversion rate. How many visitors do you need to come to your site to get your 60% of direct bookings? By having this on your site you can cut that number down by as much as 50% which can result in huge savings to your marketing budget. You can now see what dates and properties your website visitors are searching, viewing and receiving price quotes on your site. So now you know if a particular time in the future is in high demand (raise rates?) or not in demand at all (run specials?) and therefore gain more revenue by fine-tuning your target marketing.
  • What is a conversion rate?
    The conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who book on your website. Currently the industry average conversion rate is a mere .54%, not even 1%. E.g. you have to have approximately 200 website visitors to get 1 reservation. If you can double this conversion rate to 1%, now you only need 100 website visitors to receive a reservation. We have some partners reporting 1.5% conversion rates!
  • What is the Reservation Mix?
    Your reservation mix is what sources you receive reservations directly from on your site such as VRBO, Airbnb or other marketing platforms. This tells you where your guests are booking and how your marketing spread is working for you.
  • How much does it cost?
    Please visit our pricing page:
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