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Welcome to a New Era of Hospitality Excellence


At Direct Booking Tools, we're committed to enhancing every aspect of the guest experience, from seamless bookings to unforgettable stays. That's why we're excited to announce our strategic partnership with StayFi, a leading innovator in guest connectivity solutions.


StayFi's journey is a testament to innovation. Founded with a vision to transform the guest experience, StayFi has evolved into a leader in high-speed Wi-Fi integration for the hospitality industry. With a rich history of empowering properties to provide seamless connectivity, StayFi has set a new standard for guest satisfaction and digital convenience.

Guests today expect more than just a place to stay; they crave a connected experience. StayFi's cutting-edge Wi-Fi integration fulfills this need, ensuring guests enjoy lightning-fast connectivity that keeps them engaged and productive. From streaming their favorite content to staying connected with loved ones, StayFi empowers guests to make the most of their stay.

StayFi's Capabilities and Offerings:

  • Guest-Friendly Access: StayFi provides hassle-free, secure access to high-speed Wi-Fi, enhancing overall guest satisfaction.

  • Customized Branding: Tailor the Wi-Fi experience with your property's branding, leaving a lasting and memorable impression.

  • Valuable Insights: StayFi offers data-driven insights into guest behavior, enabling personalized interactions and improved services

Empowering Guest Connectivity with StayFi's High-Speed WiFi Integration


Together, StayFi and Direct Booking Tools create a partnership that's tailored for property managers seeking to deliver exceptional guest experiences. Here's what our dynamic alliance offers:

  • Enhanced Guest Satisfaction: StayFi's Wi-Fi integration keeps guests engaged and connected, translating into positive reviews and returning visitors.

  • Optimized Revenue Generation: Direct Booking Tools empowers property managers to drive direct bookings and maximize revenue, while StayFi adds an extra layer of guest-centric value.

  • Centralized Efficiency: Seamlessly manage bookings, communication, connectivity, and guest insights in a unified hub, streamlining property management.

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EASY AS 1 - 2 - 

Fast and Easy
- 10 Minute Integration -
with StayFi Powered Website/Booking Engine

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