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Optimize Your Property Management Game


Welcome to a new era of property management excellence! Direct Booking Tools is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ICND, a trailblazer in digital marketing and website solutions for vacation rental companies. Together, we're empowering property managers to drive direct bookings, enhance guest experiences, and amplify revenue.



With a rich history in the vacation rental industry, ICND stands as a pioneer in providing cutting-edge digital marketing and website solutions. Rooted in a commitment to innovation, ICND has consistently enabled vacation rental companies to establish a strong online presence and connect with a global audience.

Imagine a scenario where every aspect of your property management aligns seamlessly, allowing you to focus on creating memorable guest experiences. The integration of ICND and Direct Booking Tools empowers property managers to:

  • Optimize Revenue: Utilize data-driven insights to fine-tune pricing and offerings, maximizing revenue potential.

  • Drive Direct Bookings: Harness ICND's digital marketing expertise to attract more direct bookings and reduce reliance on third-party channels.

  • Streamline Operations: Manage bookings, guest communications, and revenue strategies efficiently in one unified hub.

  • Elevate Guest Satisfaction: Deliver a seamless, personalized experience that garners positive reviews and encourages repeat bookings.

Elevate Your Ideal Customer's Experience


The integration of ICND and Direct Booking Tools creates a powerhouse of advantages for property managers who seek excellence:

Enhanced Online Presence: Leverage ICND's digital marketing expertise to boost your property's visibility and reach, while optimizing your direct booking strategies.

Unified Dashboard: Seamlessly manage bookings, guest communication, and revenue optimization through one intuitive dashboard, maximizing efficiency.

Seamless Guest Journeys: The integration ensures a smooth guest journey, from browsing your website to booking, resulting in elevated guest satisfaction.

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EASY AS 1 - 2 - 

Fast and Easy
- 10 Minute Integration -
with StayFi Powered Website/Booking Engine

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